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We are a multidisciplinary interior design company balancing our unique approach to luxury with premium tailored service to create enduring value and timeless spaces for both residential and commercial clients.

By partnering with luxury European brands who share our values, and who honor and elevate quality and craftsmanship, we seek to erase international boundaries and bring these high end pieces to the UAE and Middle East.

Our professionals cover a full range of services including:

  • Residential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Design Consultancy
  • Concept Design
  • Project Management
  • Budget Control
  • Interior Styling
  • Furnishing
  • Site Inspection
  • Product Design

Residential Design

We strive to give you the finest quality in design for your home with our team of architects and interior designers. To fit each project and budget, we have constructed packages that can take care of every aspect of the design and specification work. Design packages can be tailored to your requirements, and they can include schematics, interior planning, visual displays, 3D renderings, specifications of materials and technical drawings.

Commercial Design

We offer a full range of services for commercial design throughout the UAE. All types of facilities: offices, shops, hotels, car showrooms, restaurants, cafes, and others. We carry out each project with keen attention. Working in a state-of-the-art studio with the latest equipment and software, and immersed with the latest design patterns and philosophies, we liaise with you on a collaborative process to build a world-class commercial space that is ideally custom-made to the needs of your business, positioning and aspiration.

Design Consultancy

Our team of experienced designers can help you with any design-related requirements whether it be in interior design, graphic design or even architecture.

Concept Design

We always aim to achieve higher than ordinary expectations and whatever vision you have, we will make sure to turn it into reality and more.

Project Management

Our skilled personnel will supervise and coordinate all aspects of the projects, and will facilitate your needs to those involved.

Budget Control

Our aim is to give you the best choice possible tailored to your budget and requirements.

Interior Styling

You will be provided with a team of interior designers to help style and decorate your house and alter it to your needs.


Our partners in Europe provide exclusive, high-end furniture which caters to both commercial and residential spaces.

Site Inspection

Overseeing and coordinating your project is our responsibility. Whether your site is homebased, or commercial, our team will always have senior staff on hand to survey the scene.

Objects of Desire

As SAI, we have our own product line that varies from furniture to home accessories. In case you need a personalized piece, our team can design a bespoke piece to fit your needs.