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Leadership & Design


At first glance, the two words, Leadership and Design, look irrelative and have no connection; however, if we look at the definition of both, we will realize that both have a strong relationship.

Leadership is the ability for an individual, group, or organization to lead, Influence or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations.

Design can also Influence the experience for an individual or a group.

So, the common factor in both is Influence. Leadership and design go hand in hand in any design project; the leadership skills that the designer induces can be used effectively to influence the design to create the desired ultimate experience a customer is looking for.

In many cases, the customers are uncertain about their individual style, making it very challenging for the designer to translate his customer’s vision into reality, hence not living the experience they were looking for.

A designer with solid leadership capabilities can use his skills to lead and influence the customer during the entire design process.

By understanding the customer’s individual style, the designer will be able to translate their individual style into a unique and ultimate experience that stratifies their needs and emotions.

The customer’s vision is bound to be brought to life and in some cases, it could very well exceed their expectations. Once all of that is achieved, you will ensure the true meaning of luxury in design - turning the dream into reality.

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