Sai Luxury Interior Design Company

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Behind the Brand

Since his birth, in 1976, SAI (our founder) was imbued by his family with an abiding love of craftsmanship, quality, design, heritage, and uniqueness. As he grew and matured, so did these values, which became the core of his personal and professional ethos. The experiences of world travel broadened and deepened this perspective and opened SAI to far flung cultural influences. This explains why, for SAI, luxury is not so much about money, but is rather based on how people prioritize their needs and values, what gives them the satisfaction they seek, and the experience that is at the heart of their dreams.

As a mindful visionary aware of the recent events that scarred our world, SAI wanted to create a distinct approach to luxury, one that is personalized, endlessly inspiring, honest and beneficial to everyone involved. He decided to pool his dynamic background with European brands who share in his love for luxury, forward thinking modern design and uniqueness, and founded SAI Luxury Lifestyle. SAI is an ambassador for premium brands who stand out not only through the quality of their products, but also share in social responsibility and strive for sustainability.

SAI stands for Stay Always Individual - an innovative approach to interior design committed to providing you with the exclusivity of having something created around your own personal style, an authentic space with character, fitting the message of your business or the spirit of your home.